Published online 2023 Jan 16. doi: 10.10478/ Author Leslie Griver, Robert Henry

1 Week Permanent THC Detox Instructions

In this post, we’ll give you detailed step-by-step instructions on how to clean your system of THC in 7 days naturally.

The explained method work if you need to quit smoking marijuana, have a tolerance break, or pass a drug test.

The method is based on scientific studies of how the human body processes THC.

7+ Days THC detox instructions

how to detox THC in 7 days

Your goal during this week is to remove THC metabolites completely from your body. To do this, you need to do the following:

Burn as much body fat as possible.

Burning fat will release the THC metabolites from fat cells into the blood. To do this, you need to reduce calorie intake, eat healthy foods, and exercise.

Induce the CYP3A4 and CYP2C9 enzymes

These enzymes are responsible for metabolizing THC in the liver. Inducing means improving their activity. This will speed up the metabolism of THC.

To do this, you need to take enzyme inducers.

Break the enterohepatic circulation

This is the reabsorption of THC metabolites from the intestines back into the blood. To stop this circulation, you need to take absorbents like activated charcoal or wheat.

This is a simplified explanation. If you need more details, read this guide: THC Detox Guide. How To Get Weed Out Of Your System

What you’ll need


  1. Lose body fat through diet and exercise. You can follow these recommendations to burn fat faster:
  2. Consider Intermittent fasting. This will help you to lose body fat quicker
  3. Take St. John’s Wort extract 300 mg 3 times daily with each meal. Or Panax Ginseng 500 mg twice daily or Ginkgo Biloba 240 mg daily.
  4. Take 5g of activated charcoal 30 minutes before each meal

Caution: Enzyme inducers and inhibitors can interact with other drugs and herbal supplements. If you take medications, consult with your doctor or pharmacist to check for possible interactions.

Note the side effects and consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have any concerns.

If you want to detox THC for a tolerance break or need to quit smoking marijuana, follow these directions for all seven days.

But if you want to detox to pass a drug test, you need to change the procedure during the last two days of your detox.

2-day THC detox instructions

Since you need to pass a test, you want to ensure no THC metabolites in the urine. If you continue to do a 7-day detox plan, THC metabolites will be excreted in the urine. If their concentration is above the detectable level – you’ll fail the test.

So at this point, you need to stop the burning of fat and slow THC metabolism. After that, the metabolites will not be excreted into the urine, and you’ll be able to pass.

What you’ll need


  1. Stop exercising
  2. Add a reasonable amount of carbohydrates to your diet. For example, you can drink a couple of cola glasses per day or eat some pasta or a couple of pieces of pizza.
  3. Drink a couple of glasses of grapefruit juice. You can use fresh juice or buy it at the grocery store. Just make sure that it contains natural grapefruit juice.
  4. You can drink green tea instead of grapefruit juice.
  5. Take 10g of activated charcoal three times per day. Thirty minutes before a meal.

On the day of the drug test

At this point, you need to continue the two-day detox plan. You also need to flush the remaining THC metabolites from the bladder. So here, you need to do the 24 hour THC detox protocol.

To do this, you need to drink water. It will make you urinate frequently. But this will also dilute your urine.

The lab will check your urine for creatinine levels, color, and specific gravity. If any of these parameters are out of the normal range, your sample will be rejected, and you’ll need to retake the test.

What you’ll need


  1. 4 hours before the test, take 5 grams of activated charcoal.
  2. Take 10 g of creatine ethyl ester 3 hours before the test.
  3. Take 300 mg of vitamin B2 3 hours before the test.
  4. Consume the electrolyte solution with grapefruit juice 0.5 – 1L per hour starting 3 hours before the test.
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