Best 4 female whizzinators (devices to hold urine for drug test)

This complete guide will help you understand everything you need to know about female whizzinators, how to use them, and which one is best for you in your next drug test.

Failing your drug test may result in the loss of job opportunities or even severe legal consequences, custody, and more.

In addition, before the drug test, the collector may search you, and if he discovers you are attempting to cheat, you will be required to go through the direct observation drug test.

With this guide, you can rest assured that you will pass your drug test if you use the recommended female whizzinators and follow all the instructions.

What is a female whizzinator?

Initially, “Whizzinator” was a product name inserted into the body to submit the urine sample discreetly without raising any suspicion.

Now “whizzinator” is used to name all the products used to submit clean urine on a drug test discreetly.

Best whizzinators come with heating elements, allowing you to keep the urine within the required temperature range.

What to expect from a urine drug test


Once at the drug testing facility, you must register and fill out the form.

The form will include spaces to fill in personal information, such as your name, address, and contact information.

You may also be asked to provide a valid form of identification, such as a driver’s license or passport.

The form you must fill out will likely include questions about your medical history and your medications.

If applicable, you may also be asked to provide information about any previous urine drug test results.


After filling out the form, the collector may search you for prohibited items that can help you tamper with the drug test.

But they are not allowed to touch you intimately.

The collector is responsible for providing instructions on properly providing a urine sample.

Once the process is complete, you must submit the sample.

Submission of urine sample

A minimum of 30 mL of urine is typically required for a standard urine drug test. However, for a collection conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), a minimum of 45 mL is required to ensure an adequate sample for testing. The DOT has specific guidelines for drug testing that are more stringent than those of other organizations.

The urine sample is usually collected in a clean, tamper-proof container and is then sent to a laboratory for analysis.

The drug test may be unsupervised, supervised, or observed.

In an unsupervised urine drug test, you must provide the sample in a separate room or behind a screen, preventing the collector from watching you as you give the urine sample.Here, you will not be under direct observation. This type of test is often used in pre-employment drug testing or when you are probably being tested as part of a court-ordered program.

In a supervised drug test, the collector will stand near you but not look as you pee to provide the urine sample. You may be required to take a supervised drug test if you are being tested as part of a rehabilitation program or for certain types of employment (such as jobs in safety-sensitive industries).

In an observed drug test, the collector will be nearby to look at you directly as the urine is coming out of your body. Such tests are rare and are done for law enforcement purposes. You will be under direct observation in this test as you provide the sample. This test will most likely be performed if there is a concern that you may attempt to cheat the test or substitute a fake sample.

Upon the successful submission of the sample, the next step will be the urine check.

Urine Check

A urine check is also referred to as a urinalysis. It involves a laboratory examination of your urine to detect the presence of metabolites of certain drugs.

Visual Inspection: Here, your urine will be closely looked at by the collector to ensure some physical and visible properties, like the color, clarity, and temperature of the urine, all check out.

If your submitted urine temperature is not within the normal range, the strip will indicate that you may have tampered with the sample.

The next step involves the basic validity check with the dipstick to check for creatinine levels, pH, and specific gravity.

The third step is the basic immunoassay analysis. This is a type of drug test that uses antibodies to detect the presence of specific drug metabolites in a urine sample.

The test results are usually available within a few minutes.

The fourth step is the advanced gas chromatography test. This step is quite expensive and time-consuming, and it is only done in rare cases where the immunoassay drug test needs to be confirmed further.

Do not panic; you will most likely face an unsupervised drug test with basic validity checks and a standard immunoassay analysis.

What type of urine substitution device do you need?

The type of whizzinator you will be using depends on what kind of drug test you need to pass.

For an observed test, you will require a small device to hide inside your body. The observer will watch you directly during this test, and you must convince him or her that the urine is actually coming out of you.

For a supervised test, you can use a urine belt if you want to be on the safe side. However, you can even use a stash leg strap or stash underwear. Either of them will help you take your synthetic urine bottle with you without drawing any attention to yourself.

For an unsupervised test, you may use a stash leg strap or stash underwear. These options cost less and also ensure that you can keep the urine in your bottle warm for an extended period of time.

Can you use someone else’s clean urine for a drug test?

It’s possible to use another person’s urine as a sample during a drug test; however, that is pretty much a bad idea.

I don’t recommend you do this. Some of the reasons are stated below.

If it is discovered that you tampered with the drug test by falsifying the sample or using another person’s urine, you must go through the direct observation drug test.

A positive test result may lead to disqualification from the job opportunity you have always wanted.

You may need to ask yourself: “Is it worth the risk?” The time and energy you will need do not match the issues that may arise if you are caught.

Why most people using synthetic pee fail a drug test

The most popular reason people fail the drug test using synthetic urine is that the urine temperature is outside the normal range.

The average temperature range for a submitted urine sample is 97°F to 100°F.

Things may even go wrong before the actual testing begiFor example, if. If the urine substitution device is faulty or you do not wear it correctly, it may cause the temperature to fall, indicating to the collector that the pee is fake.

To prevent attempts to tamper or substitute the urine sample, the U.S. Department of Transportation set the temperature range for urine submitted between 90°F and 100°F.

You must submit the sample within two minutes from when it was added, as stated under the law.

Usually, the temperature strip is attached to the collection container. The collector will quickly discover if the urine is fake if the temperature is out of that range.

So the whizzinator must have the option to heat the sample and keep its temperature within the required range.

How did we select whizzinator for women?

Below, you will see a list of top urine substitution devices, including their pros and cons and instructions on how to use them.

This list is for females; therefore, all the urine substitution devices chosen are only suitable for women.

There are several important criteria I put into consideration before choosing the best four female whizzinators.

It should be discreet. The type of urine substitution device chosen must be small and well-concealed. If you use a device that is too big, it may be too inconvenient to wear or noticeable to the observer. You must ensure that you do not arouse any suspicion.

The device chosen must have a feature that enables it to keep the urine temperature within range.

You must be able to buy your device quickly from specialized retailers. Cases may arise where you must carry out a drug test as soon as possible, either for your new job opportunity or for legal reasons.

The retailer you chose must be a specialist in the field who can deliver your urine substitution device rapidly to allow you to pass the drug test.

The type of urine substitution device used must have a strong track record of success.

All the devices I selected below have been around for a long time and have received many user reviews. In addition, their manufacturers have proven their credibility over the past few years.

The Best 4 Female Whizzinators

Incognito Belt: Premixed Synthetic Urine on a Belt—Best for Supervised and Unsupervised Drug Testing

This is the bestselling Whizzinator. Overall, it is the best discrete synthetic urine kit on the market today. The incognito belt is premixed, toxic-free synthetic urine on a belt.

The kit includes:

This device was designed to be efficient, and the head pad was designed to match the body temperature. It is lightweight and includes a clip to retain the urine in the bladder bag or release it through the rubber tube.

With this incognito belt, you can provide a sample that can pass as your actual urine with the specific gravity, balanced pH, and creatinine needed.

The shelf life of this kit is two years. This ensures you can purchase and store the incognito belt for future use. The device offers the best balance between price and product features.




The Urinator

The Urinator is another excellent, discreet belt that provides high-quality urine for your drug test. It is an electronic urine testing device that can provide you with a urine sample at the correct testing temperature range.

The device uses batteries to keep the urine at the required temperature range for at least four hours. The technology behind this device is very efficient.

The Urinator includes a digitally controlled, self-regulating heating element, a calibrated bottle-filling device, a powered synthetic urine sample, and two temperature test strips.

It includes everything you will ever need for a drug test. The flexible tube stretches out of the IV bag, and all you have to do is release the clamp to let the urine flow into the container as gravity does its work.




The stash leg belt – best for an unsupervised drug test.

This is the perfect accessory to hold and conceal your synthetic urine bottle confidently.

The Stash Leg Belt is made of high-quality neoprene and is intended to be comfortable to wear while stretching to fit most leg sizes and not slide or slip off your thigh.

The bottle is strapped on the side, and you can easily reach it with your hands without arousing suspicion.

Urine is not included in this package.

I recommend you buy the Sub Solution urine kit. It includes the highest-quality synthetic urine and a heat activation powder to heat urine within seconds.

There is guaranteed quality with this product.

It was launched in 2003 and remained a solution with one of the best synthetic urine formulas. Moreover, because of the fast-acting heat activation powder, the urine provided is always at normal body temperature.




Cupid mini urine kit – the best whizzinator for an observed drug test

This is a completely discreet device you need to place inside your body. With Cupid, you can use the fake urine even while being watched.

The urine will look like it is coming directly from your body, and there will be no way for the observer to tell that the sample is not your urine.

This device does not include urine; you must purchase it separately before testing.

The price is relatively high, so I recommend you only use it when you are observed during the drug test, and it is the best option available to you.



DIY female whizzinator

You may think it’s easy to conceal a urine substitution device; however, there is a high risk in designing a whizzinator yourself.

Some people may decide to use common household items, but the risk of a failed device far supersedes the benefit.

We do not recommend using DIY whizzinators because the risk of failure is high. In addition, if you are trying to get a job or performing a routine drug test at your place of work, the possibility of losing that job and even facing legal consequences will greatly increase.

You may use a Visine bottle since it’s small and very concealable. However, when you put it inside your body, you may experience issues because you must remove the cap and keep the urine at the correct temperature range.

The process of removing the cap may appear strange and raise suspicion in a drug test.


The urine substitution devices stated above are some of the best on the market. However, they all serve the same primary purpose of helping you sneak in a fake urine sample for a drug test.

For your supervised drug test, the Incognito Belt – is the best option to ensure your test goes smoothly.

For your observed drug test, Cupid mini urine kit is the most favorable option you can choose because it will be concealed inside you.

The Stash Leg Belt is the best option for an unsupervised drug test. It is very easy to use and efficient. However, you may use any of the four urine substitution devices above.

It is all based on your preference since you will not be watched.

Nevertheless, you must ensure that you use the recommended devices to avoid the risk of failure during your drug test.

We hope this guide has fully prepared you for your next drug test.