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Carving a Career in Translational Research

Science magazine published a feature on translational medicine and research in their August issue. The three articles focus on Physician scientist training with a focus on MD + masters programs. Here’s an excerpt: “M.D.-Ph.D. neurobiologist Ben Barres, who directs a new master’s of medicine program for science Ph.D. students at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, welcomes the shift. Students do the math, Barres says, and “realize that if they did all the traditional training for both degrees, they’d be almost 40 before they finished. It’s just too much.” >> more
>> article 2 and article 3

Personality is a prognostic tool for speciality choices

Certain specialties are known for their stereotypical personality types. A new study says that we have the ability to predict the field of a prospective medical student based on their personality type. This could influcence admissions decisions, as schools focus on recruiting particular doctors (like primary care, or MD Phds who have a future in academic medicine). >> more

Scripps starts new medical School

The famous Scripps organization has embarked on a new venture: a new medical school designed to train physician scientists. Students will complete combined degrees in either 5-6 years (MD/MS) or 7-9 years (MD/Phd) in preparation for a career as a physician and scientist. >> more