Smart Ways To Pass a Saliva Drug Test

Having to have any drug test is not a pleasant experience and can make your mouth dry instantly. Which is quite ironic really, as we are to discuss saliva drug testing here. There are many forms of drug testing, from urine, blood, and hair, but saliva testing is the most uncommon, yet the simplest.

The USA has not approved saliva drug testing. However, it can still be administered, and of course, at the drop of a hat. The swabs are easy to transport and test, so be aware that you could be tested anywhere, anytime, and that is the scariest part.

Now, that we are telling you how to pass a saliva drug test, does not mean, in any way, that we are condoning drug ingestion or the addiction to drugs. There are many ways in which to take in an illegal or even non-illegal substance, which could hinder many aspects of your life.

It is important to know what a saliva test entails before going into how to pass one. According to THC Detox, mouth swab drug test is one of the easiest and quickest ways of taking a drug test, hence why it is often used on the run, ie. Roadblocks and security areas.

What Will Transpire at A Saliva Test?

You will be asked to:

  • Open your mouth wide
  • And allow the tester to swipe either a toothbrush looking device or a cotton wool style stick in the inside of your cheek, where your gums are
  • Then the swiped device is closed up and taken away to be tested
  • It is instantaneous in that they dip test the swabbed item straight away
  • A color chart will tell them if there are drugs present in your saliva and sometimes the exact drug too

To avoid being caught out, there are some home remedies that can aid in passing a saliva drug test. We do, however, recommend, for accuracy, that you utilize our products, as they are foolproof and exact.

So, let us get started on a few home remedies to try. Note that some are very time dependent as in some can be done minutes before the test and others need either an entire day or at least a few hours before the test to render good results.

Avoid all and any drugs whatsoever

The most obvious and foolproof way is to not take drugs at all before a saliva test. This may or may not be possible, given you may even be on some kind of mediation that you must take, but abstinence is the best policy. At worst scenario stop taking the drug at least five days before the test.

Flush, flush and flush some more

You can flush out the toxins with a few methods, and in this ensure a negative drug result:

  • Drink cranberry juice
  • Drink water – lots of it
  • Urinate often – and you will after drinking all this liquid
  • Exercise and sweat – this will let the toxins evaporate through your perspiration
  • Move around often and regularly – an active digestive system will aid the passing of such substances
  • Foods high in diuretics, such as coffee or fruit, or fruit juices – they will help not only your bowels to work, but also cleanse your saliva somewhat

Aspirin Ingestion

This may mask the substance in your saliva, but is not a sure-fire method. This should be done a few hours before the test, but not too far before. 3 hours is a safe bet.

Wash that mouth out

Using a strong mouthwash can have the desired effect, besides making your breath smell great and masking any drug scent, such as from marijuana, your salvia will be slightly neutralized of any toxins. Do this at least a half-hour before the saliva drug test.

There is an excellent product on the market that has a high success record of working, regarding flushing out the toxins in your saliva. A simple gulp, gargle and swish, and spit will have your mouth right as rain. Be sure not to smoke during or after this procedure, do not drink or eat, and of course, do not take any drugs whatsoever.

Pump that Protein

High dosages of protein, such as in red meat can normalize creatine levels in the body. It is ideal to consume this at least three days before the saliva drug test. If you don’t eat red meat, you can try chicken, or if a vegan, then egg whites will do, or any high protein content food.

Chew on Ice

Chewing on ice will cleanse your mouth out and of course get some juices flowing, thereby naturally cleaning the inside of your mouth. Do this just before entering the testing area.

Chew and Chew again

Chewing gum or any strong breath mint can help to clean the mouth out and neutralize any remnants of the substance left behind, especially marijuana or any drug that is inhaled through the mouth. It would be best not to have smoked or taken the oral drug within 24 hours of the test.

Fatten Up

Eating a meal high in fat will do the trick too. The fat will absorb from your bloodstream the metabolites that the drug kicks out. This will then stop them from reaching your saliva.

Brush those tats

Brushing your teeth as well as your tongue and inside gum area will assist in neutralizing the drug from your flesh. While you are at it give those teeth floss too, as there may be some particles left behind which could float over to your gums.

Get out there and run

Exercise is helpful as a drug reducing strategy, and you may ask how can that help my saliva. Well, when you expend your muscles and start to sweat, you build up saliva in your mouth too. So, as you go out there for that run, boxing class, or gym workout, keep bringing up more saliva and spitting it out. Not the most pleasant but, hey, neither is failing a drug test.

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