Article updated: 2023 Jan 16. doi: 10.101311/ Author Leslie Griver, Robert Henry

This is How much Zinc to Take to Pass a Drug Test

You cannot take Zinc to pass the drug test. You can only add Zinc to the urine sample to cause a false negative. But that’s illegal.

According to the studies, the Zinc concentration in the urine, when taken orally, is 5000 less than the required concentration to cause a false negative.

It’s impossible to consume such an amount of Zinc. Moreover, the overdose of Zinc causes severe side effects and health damage.

Below we’ll analyze the studies on how Zinc affects drug tests.


In 2011 Journal of Analytical Toxicology published a study that showed that both Zinc sulfate and Zinc supplements are effective in interfering with the detection of THC, methamphetamines, and benzoylecgonine by Immunalysis drug detection kits.

The study also confirmed that no suitable method could be established to detect Zinc in urine samples.

It sounds like it’s possible to take some Zinc supplements to pass a drug test.

But wait…

The same Journal of Analytical Toxicology published a study in 2013. This study tried to estimate the amount of Zinc required to cause a false negative.

They collected urine samples from 31 healthy volunteers, including 17 females and 14 males, ranging from 23 to 63 years. Urine samples were collected for pre-and post-Zinc self-administration during the 3 days.

Each volunteer consumed 200mg of Zinc gluconate daily.

Results showed consumption of Zinc resulted in urine Zinc concentrations ∼5,000-fold less than the concentration found to interfere with urine drug testing.

So, if we do some math, we’ll see that in theory, to achieve the required concentration, one needs to consume 1kg of Zinc gluconate for 3 days. Which is definitely impossible.

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Zinc Side Effects

In some people zinc might cause